Specialty Spotlight: Carlton Lyons, MD

Specialty Spotlight: Carlton Lyons, MD

South Bend Urogynecologist Joins Beacon Medical Group

Carlton Lyons, MD, FACOG, FPMRS, has practiced gynecology and urogynecology in South Bend, Ind., for more than 25 years. He is board-certified in both specialties. He recently joined Beacon Medical Group and is enthusiastic about expanding the urogynecology services offered to women in the South Bend area. His ultimate goal is to offer world-class urogynecologic services, so patients do not have to travel to other centers to address their complicated medical needs. He actively serves on several community boards and committees and is committed to improving the well-being of our community.

Below, Dr. Lyons answers questions about his work and his practice philosophy.

Q: On what areas of women’s health do you focus?

We offer comprehensive gynecology care, including annual exams and treatment for disorders such as pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, fibroids and endometriosis. We offer minimally invasive surgical techniques and incorporate alternative medical therapy in patient management. We also specialize in surgical and non-surgical management of urinary urgency/incontinence, fecal urgency/incontinence and vaginal prolapse.

Q: What are some of the advances you’re excited about in your field?

Laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery allow us to treat most pelvic disorders effectively and less invasively, resulting in a quicker recovery. We also offer neuro-modulation devices such as InterStim® that can significantly reduce overactive bladder and fecal urgency and incontinence. Botox® is also very useful for the right patient.

Q: What is most gratifying about your work?

What drives me is helping patients get back to being themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually. Women often are so focused on their families and careers that they put themselves last. When medical issues go untreated, patients can be isolated by painful or embarrassing conditions, suffering within themselves, unknown to others. I like making patients comfortable, giving them options, assisting them to get better and seeing them gain a new sense of confidence. In particular, I like hearing patients say they no longer worry about locating the nearest bathroom or remembering to always have a change of clothes due to urinary or fecal incontinence — or hearing that their vaginal prolapse is no longer falling out and the pain is gone.

Q: How do you work with patients and with other doctors?

My staff and I spend time with our patients listening, educating and weighing options for treatment and management. We work collaboratively with urologists, gynecologists, general surgeons and primary care physicians to come up with the best possible treatment plan and follow-up care for each patient.

Q: Does your practice have a new name?

Yes, the Northern Indiana Center for Pelvic Health & Gynecology has been renamed Beacon Medical Group Center for Pelvic Health & Gynecology. We’re still located at 707 N. Michigan St., Suite 102, South Bend, IN 46601.

Q: How can doctors reach you for questions or referrals?

I welcome physician referrals. Please contact me via our practice line at 574.367.3800.

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